About Us


sheet aluminum scrap

In 1991, Gabe Hudock founded Metalife Resources after recognizing the need for processing services for the emerging residential recycling market. At that time, solid waste and recycling companies were required to begin providing curbside recycling, but few had the capability to process and market what they were mandated to collect. Gabe grew the business for nearly 20 years, and then it grew to become Recycle Management.

The company continued to grow, purchasing Alcoa’s UBC processing plant in Pittsburgh, along with several other key businesses. This decision led to Recycle Management becoming the largest residential and commercial processing plant in the region. In 2007, Recycle Management was diverted to Dublin, Ireland-based Greenstar North America.

It was on the heels of this extensive experience in recycling and processing that Alumisource was founded in 2007 with the premise of providing specialized raw materials, material processing and blending solutions to the aluminum and steel industries.

Through careful sourcing, inspection, and processing, we can provide a unique, custom shredded and blended aluminum scrap alternative, AlumishredTM , that can be used as feedstock in either reverb or rotary furnaces to the aluminum industry. Additionally, by leveraging our shredding, screening, and briquetting equipment, we can provide a wide range of blended aluminum products for artificial slag conditioners, deoxidation, and desulphurization products that are designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers in the steel industry.


Early on, we made a commitment to locate our first facility and corporate headquarters in the Mon Valley, 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, to take advantage of the established industrial base and experienced workforce. Situated on a 25-acre site in the footprint of the former Bethlehem Steel, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel, Esmark, ISG and Arcelor Mital Steel facilities, the plant has rail access, six overhead cranes, multiple truck loading docks and certified scales. Our Mon Valley facility is ideally suited and can protect our materials from moisture and contamination while providing large-scale processing and storage, because we have more than 300,000 square feet in a covered area.

In 2015, we expanded our production and warehouse capacity, and opened a second facility in Richmond, Kentucky, 30 miles south of Lexington with convenient access to Interstate 75. Similar to the Mon Valley facility, Richmond has a large, covered area – more than 200,000 square feet – that protects all material – as well as rail access, multiple truck loading docks, and certified scales.

With this second facility, and under Gabe’s leadership, Alumisource was positioned for further growth and was on target to accomplish our operational goals. Then in early 2021, Sims Metal, a global leader in metal recycling, made an offer to purchase some of our commercial and operating assets. Since we have a long-standing business relationship with Sims Metal and have similar corporate cultures and safety goals, we agreed to create a new business enterprise: Sims Alumisource.

Shaping the Future

Sims Alumisource added 15 years of progressive, adaptive, and innovative solutions tailored to the aluminum consumption chain, enhancing Sims Metal’s corporate objective of accelerating non-ferrous market share growth. Now, we are eager to begin the next phase of our company’s journey, and we have the capacity to accommodate additional customers, as well as the capability to feed directly into a smelting operation.