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Sims Alumisource operates two dedicated aluminum recycling yards, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Lexington, Kentucky. Your company will benefit from our specialized knowledge of recycling aluminum scrap and our expertise in handling and processing scrap aluminum. We resourcefully aggregate, sort and grade aluminum, eliminate contamination from aluminum material and simplify everyday transactions.

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We Are the Aluminum Experts

Our clients value our longevity and reputation in the aluminum market. We produce blended aluminum products which are in demand by aluminum mills. Our aluminum recycling center has established relationships with aluminum mills which makes transactions straightforward and consistent.

Types of Aluminum We Accept

At Sims Alumisource we understand the entire aluminum consumption chain, and how best to increase value for the diverse supplier and customer base we serve everyday.  For those manufacturers, toll processors, distributors, and service centers that generate scrap in the following aluminum alloys:

1100, 1350, 3003, 3104, 3004, 3105, 5052, 5182, 6063, 6061 and 6005.

Dealer Sheet Aluminum Grades

For suppliers who prefer not to invest significant resources in processing at their yards, we offer competitive pricing for all types of dealer sheet aluminum grades.

Exporting Aluminum?

If you’ve been exporting aluminum, we can provide you with a domestic market for straight or split loads of sheet and siding with pricing picked up at your plant.

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We provide containers at your location for your aluminum production scrap.

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