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Selling your aluminum scrap to us means you will receive fair market value for your materials. At our aluminum recycling yard, we provide competitive prices for dealer sheet grades, siding, extrusion and clip, and we specialize in upgrading iron aluminum and off-spec dealer sheet grades.

Sims Alumisource Specifications

Descriptions of how we grade aluminum for pricing

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The Sims Alumisource Difference

  • Competitive pricing
  • Immediate and accurate reporting
  • Customized packages
  • Transportation solutions
  • Certified and accurate weights

Scrap Management Software

Sims Alumisource provides detailed reports on each load we process, so we can give you detailed feedback on quality. Since we photograph and lot track each load we receive and process, we can provide immediate and accurate feedback on each load.

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Once we are familiar with your material, we will work with you to develop customized pricing based on your package, which means you won’t be penalized with unexpected deductions. If you’re currently shipping mill direct packages, we can be competitive with your existing markets.

Accurate Load Weights

We have a 70’, 4-zone certified, modern Cardinal scale that connects  to our integrated, computerized scrap management software, which means you will get accurate weights that you can rely on.

Don't Want the Hassle of Arranging Transportation?

No problem! Let Sims Alumisource take care of it for you.

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