Introducing Alumishred™

When we started this business, our overall goal was to become a leading aluminum recycling company. We diligently worked to increase aluminum cast house efficiency and utilization of post-consumer aluminum scrap inputs. After extensive experimentation, we developed a safe, known chemistry, aluminum post-recycled scrap-based input called Alumishred™.

Our Alumishred™ product increases efficiency across all post-consumer aluminum scrap inputs. We can customize raw material inputs for the aluminum and steel industries based on your specifications. Alumishred™ is a high quality, furnace ready product that allows customers to meet their low CO2, GHG, and sustainability initiatives – and it accomplished our initial goal of increasing cast house efficiency.

Industries Served

We provide post-consumer aluminum inputs for the following industries:

We Offer the Following Services

Off-Spec UBC Processing

We are familiar with the needs of aluminum beverage can manufacturers from our long history of, and experience in, processing municipal curbside recyclables. We understand that even trace amounts of plastic, paper, dirt or non-aluminum metallic contamination can result in a mill rejecting a load. At our two aluminum scrap recycling centers, our shredding and downstream processing capabilities can upgrade almost any load – – whether we toll it for you or buy it from you. And our AlumishredTM product can be especially beneficial for the UBC industry.


Our non-ferrous aluminum processing capabilities can be put to work to meet your unique requirements. We are capable of processing and upgrading new production or obsolete aluminum sheet, siding, extrusions and clip material. We specialize in removing contamination in the form of attachments, coatings and non-metallic materials. Our shredding, downstream processing, screening and briquetting capabilities are available for toll processing.

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